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EP-2, Erie Pittsburgh arranged freight, with A-B-B-A Shark lash-up in Erie, PA with 9739 in the lead.   Courtesy Bobís Photos.


The Society's mission is to further scholarly learning and interest in the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) and its predecessor companies by stimulating and encouraging the collecting, researching, recording and preserving of all technical, historical and practical information concerning the PRR and to make this information available to interested persons. And to further the accurate modeling of the PRR so that future generations may better appreciate and understand the company.


"The Keystone"

The Society's quarterly illustrated journal, The Keystone, has been published continuously since 1968. Each issue of eighty-plus pages contains illustrated original authoritative articles, written and contributed, primarily by PRRT&HS members. Subject matters include: locomotives, cars, facilities and operating practices of the Pennsylvania Railroad. In addition, The Keystone contains regular features such as the "Information Exchange" (members' questions and answers regarding the PRR), "The Pennsylvania News," current news items of interest to PRR enthusiasts as well as reviews of, books and videos. Besides dozens of fascinating black and white photographs, color photographs are used in the publication, especially on the front and back covers. Periodic announcements are made in The Keystone concerning the availability of PRR-related items for sale or trade. Members are encouraged to submit their own articles, photos or slides for possible publication in The Keystone. All submitted materials are returned to their owners.

You can view the cover and table of contents of latest four editions of The Keystone at: "The Keystone" 

In addition to The Keystone, the Society periodically markets thoroughly researched books and other materials concerning the history, equipment and operations of the PRR.  A list of these publications and many past issues of The Keystone  as well as many other items such as, maps, equipment diagrams and plans are also available from the Society at: Products for Sale.

Bi-Monthly Newsletter

The Society's bi-monthly electronic newsletter, Keystone e-NEWS, published since November 2000 contains information on current issues and events pertaining to the Societyís operations and administration. You may subscribe to the e-NEWS directly by sending a blank message to: E-News Subscribe Here or view any edition at: PRR E-News

Quarterly Modeling Magazine

The Society's online modeling magazine, The Keystone Modeler (TKM), new in August 2003, contains information on all facets of modeling the the PRR including, steam, diesel and electric motive power; freight, passenger and work equipment; signaling; structures; track and right-of-way; operations; new product announcements and product reviews. You may subscribe to TKM directly by sending a blank message to:

TKM Subscribe Here or view the 12 latest editions at:   Keystone Modeler

PRRT&HS Society Meetings


The PRRT&HS meets annually, usually during the first weekend in May, providing an opportunity for members from various parts of the country to get together. Activities include, field trips, illustrated talks/lectures on various aspects of the PRR, general discussion sessions, movies, and slides of the Pennsy. During this annual meeting election of Directors is held and the President gives the "State of the Society" message. Meetings are held at various sites to encourage maximum participation. A list of our planned annual meetings is located at: Upcoming Events

Local Chapters

Local chapters around the country provide members and invited guests with regular meetings that feature PRR-related programs, local excursions as well as social and professional contacts. The names and addresses of chapters are published on a regular basis in The Keystone and are also listed on this web site. Happenings of the local chapters are also listed in the monthly Keystone e-NEWS. A list of local chapters is located at: PRRT&HS Chapter Links


Station and Archive

The archives are housed in the former PRR passenger station at Lewistown, PA, which was built in 1849 and is currently owned by the PRRT&HS.   Restoration of the station is complete and work is now underway cataloging and organizing the thousands of PRR documents that are on-hand.  When completed, this facility will serve as a research library for members and others. For additional information see Lewistown Station and Archives

The Society also operates a small portion of the station for the remaining Amtrak trains that serve Lewistown.


Classes of membership are listed on the application form at Join Us.  In addition to Regular membership, Sustaining, Contributing and Keystone memberships are available for those wishing to make an additional monetary contribution to the Society to help further its goals.

The membership year follows the calendar year.  A new member receives all issues of The Keystone for the year in which the membership becomes effective.

You may use the application on this web site, write to our Bryn Mawr address for a copy (see below) or join online at E_Store.  Please include a check or money order payable to the PRRT&HS  (Overseas members, please remit in U. S. funds and note that The Keystone is posted via surface mail, unless a surcharge for air mail is paid) and mail to:

Andy Hart, PRRT&HS
PO Box 54
Bryn Mawr PA 19010-0054



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