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Conquest 1

by David W. Messer

Continuing the rich tradition of his "Triumph" series books, author David Messer has teamed with PRRT&HS to offer "Conquest 1", which celebrates the history of PRR's Lake Division and its physical plant. This includes the network of Pennsy lines from Pittsburgh northwest to Erie, Ashtabula, Cleveland and Mansfield, from 1848 to the present day.

This book contains 500 illustrations, many in color, and 12 large maps in a rear pocket. Hardbound, 240 pages.

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The TTX Story

A Two-Volume Set

by James D. Panza

Richard W. Dawson

Ronald P. Sellberg

The Pennsylvania Railroad and Rail-Trailer Co. formed Trailer Train Co. in 1955 to expand piggyback service amongst the nation's railroads. PRR intially managed TTX, which expanded its ownership to 41 railroads. The 62-year journey started with 500 flatcars in 1956 and grew to over 161,000 cars (TOFC, auto rack, Railbox, Railgon, and special equipped) today.

The authors, combined, have over 90 years of service with Trailer Train/TTX. They present much "insider" information on company decisions, car design, and the shift to container intermodal service. The books are hardbound, all-color, horizontal format, and total 624 pages.

Member Price of 2-volume set: $79.95

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PRR Lines West
Erie & Pittsburgh Branch

by Alan B. Buchan

After over 20 years of research and writing, this 247-page book contains over 400 photos and track diagrams, plus two large insert pages of maps. It describes the railroad from its conception in September 1835 to the present day. E&P was a north-south Iine that followed the Conneaut and Shenango River Valleys. Although it was not part of the PRR main line, it played an important role. Unfortunately, most is gone today.Chapters include history, expansion, success and atrophy, the city and port of Erie, photos from Erie to Homewood, freight and passenger operations, equipment and operation, and interfaces with connecting roads.

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From the Midwest to Florida by Rail, 1875-1979 - VOL. 1


by Chuck Blardone with Myron Bilas

The first of two volumes of the definitive history of through passenger service from all Midwest cities to Florida. All railroads, trains, and years.

Vol. 1 covers C&EI-IC-PRR-L&N-NC&StL-Monon-M&O-CofGa-ACL-SAL-FEC to all Resort Cities in Fla.

520 pages, with laminated hardbound covers, featuring Mitch Markovitz original art, about 25% color, with balanced content, covering all trains, each in its own chapter. Many illustrations and advertisements. This is a limited printing.


SKU 123 - $75.00



From the Midwest to Florida by Rail, 1875-1979 - VOL. 2


by Chuck Blardone with Myron Bilas

Vol. 2 covers NYC-Q&C-SR-Frisco-Amtrak-PRR "Shadow Service," with other sections, including artwork. The very intertwined subject matter meant that complete coverage of any single railraod was not possible in a single volume. We recommend that the reader purchase both volumes.


SKU 125 - $75.00




Pennsylvania Railroad Advertising Art 1859-1968


by Chuck Blardone and featuring the Ed Lied collection with an overview by Chis Baer, Hagley Museum &Archives

  • Available on or before May 15 and at the Annual Meeting
  • Printed in the USA
  • Includes posters, booklets, flyers, timetables,
    original artwork and various ephemeria
  • Hardbound, 284 pages, all-color, 11" x 9", 492 Images
  • All images restored to new or near-new condition

SKU 122 - $50.00




The Pennsylvania Railroad's Golden Triangle Main Line Panorama in the Pittsburgh Area


by Ken Kobus and Jack Consoli 1998

Authored by Ken Kobus and Jack Consoli of the PRRT&HS Pittsburgh Chapter, this 92-page perfect-bound, reinforced soft cover publication contains about 270 photographs, several maps, plus a separate foldout 11” x 34” map of the PFW&C between Pittsburgh and Conway ca. 1920s. Released in conjunction with the PRRT&HS 1998 annual meeting in Lancaster, the publication supplements the commemoration of 150 years of the PRR's presence in Pittsburgh, the traffic heart of the railroad's operations, begun with the authors' first book on this subject "The Pennsy in the Steel City.. .", published in 1996.

Photographic coverage includes locomotives, trains, stations, yards, bridges, engine houses, towers, and related facilities, from the 1860s to 1968, with a few photos from the early'70s. Maps identify all PRR lines in the Pittsburgh area. Narrative covers PRR Pittsburgh area history. Geographically the book covers from Pennsylvania Station, Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh to Pitcairn on the Main Line, Pittsburgh to Mingo Jct., Ohio on the Panhandle, Mingo Jct., Ohio to Rochester, Pa on the C&P, Pittsburgh to Beaver Falls on the Ft. Wayne , and Rochester, Pa. to New Castle on the PY&A


SKU 102 - $10.00



Altoona and the Pennsylvania Railroad Between a Roar and a Whimper


by Betty Wagner Loeb 1999

Authored by Altoonan Betty Loeb, this 100 page, color/black, perfect bound, reinforced soft cover publication contains 228 photos, 3 full paintings, 2 multi-page maps and a chart of Altoona towers with additional text by John Denny, JR., Bill Strassner and Peter Barton. Features include the PRR in Altoona, the men and women of the PRR, Altoona’s trolleys and prominent buildings, and the Horseshoe Curve.

Altoona and the Pennsylvania Railroad...tells the story of Altoona's birth, the place chosen by the PRR to begin its operations. In this wilderness appeared makeshift shops and ribbons of steel rails. Men, hungry for work, rushed to the scene. Families followed. Up sprang houses, schools and churches along both sides of the tracks. In words and pictures, this book traces the growth of the railroad until Altoona housed the largest car shops in the world. Together, the city and the PRR became famous. The fame was due in part to the dedication of the men who spent most of their lives with the railroad; also the women who shouldered the men's jobs during times of war. Nothing--not rigid work rules, dangerous and demanding jobs, low pay, or few benefits dampened the devotion they held for the Pennsy.


SKU 103 - $10.00



Lewistown and the Pennsylvania Railroad From Moccasins to Steel Wheels 2000

Authored by several prominent local and national historians, this publication is perfect bound, soft covered book with 160 pages containing 360 photos (B&W and color). There are also 13 area maps, 5 paintings and numerous illustrations.

Chapters include:
Forty-eight pages on Lewistown – A Juniata River Community, the Juniata Division of the Pennsylvania Canal, the Standard Steel Company, the Lewistown & Reedsville Electric Railway, the Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad, and the Mifflin County Airport.

The majority of the book, over 113 pages covers many items of interest on the PRR including:
Articles about the PRR in Lewistown, the Main Line Block Stations between Mifflin and Newton Hamilton, the Denholm Coal Wharf, and the Sunbury & Lewistown Branch. There are also pictorials of the Hawstone Track Pans, Milroy Branch, Lewistown Yard, PRR Lewistown Wreck Train, and Lewistown Junction Station and its reconstruction by the Society.


SKU 104 - $10.00



The Pennsy’s P5 Electrics


by Frederick Westing, Mike Bezilla and Roger L. Keyser 2002

This publication is perfect bound, soft covered book with 116 pages, with close to 200 photos (11 in color), this book also contains 13 line drawings, with a few other small illustrations sprinkled through the pages. There is a fifteen chapter tome by the late Fred Westing, a 14-year Baldwin Locomotive Works veteran, covering everything from development, through construction details, use in passenger service, problems with the design, testing, modifying the P5a, riding head-end, and relegation to freight service. Westing’s work is followed by an equally enlightening dissertation on the P5 with many photographs by Mike Bezilla. A third section describes notable P5 wrecks including photographs, diagrams and ICC Accident Investigation Reports.

In addition to in-depth coverage of the development, testing and operation of the class P5, there is a pictorial study of PRR Electrics with multiple photos of all classes from the AA1 through R1 and equipment rosters by Roger L. Keyser, which include LIRR and PRR electric locomotives by class, a complete listing of the PT&T class AA, BB and DD units with original numbers and subsequent PRR numbers, and a PRR and LIRR, five page all-time roster of electric locomotives arranged by road, class and number.


SKU 101 - $10.00



The Pennsylvania Railroad in Cincinnati


Co-authored by Rick Tipton and Keystone editor Chuck Blardone 2004

Before the Civil War, Cincinnati was the biggest town in “The West” - larger than St. Louis, and far larger than Chicago or Cleveland. Once the Pennsylvania Railroad reached Pittsburgh, Cincinnati was the great inland city to which the Railroad had to connect.

This book brings together photos, historical materials, and company records from sources both local and nationwide. It thus combines knowledge and images never before brought together. The book explores yards, stations, interlocking plants, and motive power over the 100 years the Pennsy came into Cincy, and shows that this part of the System was made up of both “standard” and highly nonstandard components. The 160 pages include 305 photos, three paintings, nine sidebars, six maps, and 44 assorted tables, posters, and track diagrams. All color originals are reproduced in color.

The book’s major sections include:

  • notes on the Pennsy’s local history and the Company’s relationship
    to other railroads in town
  • descriptions and photos of locations listed in employee timetables
  • roster and action shots of PRR steam and diesel in Cincinnati
  • detailed history and consists of the Cincinnati Limited
  • photo section dedicated to sleepers of the Cincinnati Limited

SKU 106 - $25.00



The Pennsylvania Railroad Business & Special Cars - A Century of Tuscan Deluxe


by Chuck Blardone 2007

Contents include: a chronology and (where possible) photos and/or diagrams, of all known wooden and steel PRR and all subsidiaries. It includes business, private, special, pay and inspection cars; from the first car in 1871 to 1968, and on into Penn Central. There are 390 images (about ½ are photos and ½ are digitally redrawn car diagrams). The book is in landscape format, 8-½" x 11", on heavy paper, color and B&W.

The book is currently available in the softbound edition only.


SKU 108 - $20.00



The Pennsy in the 1960s – The Final Decade


Featuring the excellent photography of John Dziobko, Jr. and a compelling essay of the PRR’s final years by Christopher T. Baer 2008

Contents include: North of New York City, The Corridor between New York and Philadelphia, Philly and South Jersey, The Corridor between Philadelphia and Washington, Washington DC, Philadelphia to Harrisburg, York, The Yard at Enola, Middle Division – Harrisburg to Altoona, Buffalo to Harrisburg, Altoona to Pittsburgh, Northeast Ohio, Pittsburgh to Chicago – via the Fort Wayne, Pittsburgh to Chicago – via the Panhandle, Ballast Cleaning Trains, Wire Trains, Wreck Trains.


SKU 110 - $25.00



Women’s Aid PRR Cook Book


A reprint by the Society of a 1935 Cook Book 2008

A 120 page, perfect bound exact reprint of the PRR's Women's Aid Society Cookbook of 1935, 6-" x 9-1/8". Similar to a church cookbook, it contains favorite home cooking recipes from wives of PRR employees (including some prominent officers you'll recognize). Editor Chuck Blardone says it’s the most usable PRR cookbook he has ever seen. Your grandmother's recipes! A member wrote saying: “Thought you would like to know that I noticed my wife reading the PRR Cook Book at the kitchen table yesterday. She looked up with a big smile and said "This is a Great Cookbook!"

Everything reproduced exactly, with an added photo of PRR Women's Aid china, Corrections noted in the front and at the recipes affected, and a write up by Chris Baer on who made up the Women's Aid Society, and what it did. (The cover price of 75 cents is for the original, not this reprint.)


SKU 112 - $5.00



Pennsylvania Railroad Flat Cars – Revenue & Work Equipment, 1881 – 1968


by Elden Gatwood and Al Buchan 2008

A 116 page book includes an Introduction covering an overview of freight cars and flat cars; PRR Flat Cars covering - FA, FB, FC, FD, FE, FF, FG, FH, FI, FK, FL, FM, FN, FNA, F21, F22, F23, F24, F25, F25A, F25B, F25C, F26, F27, F28, F29, F30, F30A, F30B, F30C, F30D, F30E, F30F F30G, F30H, F30K, F31, F31A, F32, F33, F34, F35, F36, F37, F37A, F37B, F38, F39, F39A, F39B, F39C, F40, F41, F41A, F41B, F41D, F41E, F41F, F42, F42A, F43, F44, F45, F46, F47, F48, F49, FD1, FD2, FD3, FD3A, FW1, FW2, FGR, FGRA, FG27 and FXL; flat cars in Work Equipment service and an Epilog

There are over 240 photos many with cars under load, in addition to numerous car diagrams and information tables. The book is in landscape format, 8-½" x 11", on heavy paper, color and B&W.


softbound SKU 113 - $20.00




Prophet’s Pennsy



John Prophet, one of the founding members of the Society, passed away September 3, 2002. We are memorializing his efforts in helping to make the Society what it is today by printing two all color books of most of his slide collection. The first book, Prophet’s Pennsy is all about locomotives and equipment. The hardbound book of 146 pages has 95 steam locomotive photographs, 48 diesel, 28 motors, 88 freight cars (including 34 cabins), 34 passenger cars, 29 MUs, and 18 pieces of work equipment (including 6 office and inspection cars). We hope that you enjoy this trip back through time, courtesy of photographer John Prophet. The second book, publication date unknown, will contain John’s right-of-way photos.


SKU 115 - $30.00



PHILIP R. HASTINGS - PORTRAIT OF THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD Photographs from the Collection of the California State Railroad Museum


by Douglas M. Nelson 2002

This book was originally published by Pine Tree Press in autumn 2002 and has been generously donated by them to the Society for future sales.

This is a 9 ¾" x 11" landscape format 130 page hardbound book, with dust jacket, of over 140 of Philip’s most outstanding black and white photos of the PRR in action. The photos are organized into five sections with each section having color maps depicting the territory.

His photos not only capture trains in action but also the people, surrounding buildings and landscape. This is one of the finest B&W photograph books documenting the PRR in its heyday. ISBN 0-9640356-7-7


SKU 116 - $20.00



Volume 1, THE EARLY YEARS, 1848 to 1874


by Richard D. Adams 2010

Originally authored by the late Richard D. Adams this book has been brought to fruition by the efforts of Gary Rauch and Chuck Blardone.

This 8½” x 11” landscape format 192 page book has 182 black and white photographs and illustrations, 24 charts and a 24 page roster of the early steam fleet. It is organized into the following chapters -1. The Pennsylvania Railroad in 1874, 2. The Locomotives of PRR’s Predecessor Lines, 3. Men, Shops & Machinery: Motive Power Development on the PRR, 4. Shops & Enginehouses in 1874, 5. Locomotive Practice, 6. Locomotive Liveries, 7. Locomotive Numbering; and a Locomotive Register corrected to January 1, 1874, as well as several appendices.


softbound SKU 118 - $25.00



The Pennsylvania Railroad in Columbus, Ohio


by Rick Tipton 2011

Hardbound 8˝” x 11” 188 pages with 334 illustrations (the large majority, photos). Chapter 1, A Short History of Columbus Railroads, PRR Lines into Columbus, Other Lines and Connections at Columbus; Chapter 2, Columbus Union Depot and its Passenger Trains; Chapter 3, St. Clair Avenue Enginehouse; Chapter 4, Pennsy Freight Yards; Chapter 5, 20th St. Shops; Chapter 6, The Columbus & Newark (C&N); Chapter 7, Columbus & Xenia (C&X); Chapter 8, Chicago Columbus & Indiana Central (CC&IC); Chapter 9, The Akron Branch (CA&C); Chapter 10, The Sandusky Branch.

Maps in Rear Pocket: Columbus Railroads, 1893; Columbus Railroad Facilities, 1934; Columbus Railroads and Industries, 1962; Port Columbus to Olentangy, 1958, Yards in Columbus and Bradford, 1928; Alum Creek to “RA,” 1945; The Enginehouse at Spruce Street, c.1950; The Freight House at 4th & Naughten Sts., 1941; St. Clair Enginehouse and its Environs, 1951 and St. Clair Diesel Servicing Facilities, 1956.


SKU 119 - $45.00



Pennsylvania Railroad Gondolas
Revenue & Work Equipment, 1869 - 1968


by Al Buchan and Elden Gatwood 2011

A 156 page book includes an Introduction covering an overview of freight cars and gondolas; PRR Gondolas from GA to G44, gondolas in Work Equipment service and an Epilog.

There are over 350 photos many with cars under load, in addition to numerous car diagrams and information tables. The book is in landscape format, 8˝" x 11", on heavy paper, color and B&W.


softbound SKU 120 - $25.00