By Ken Kobus and Jack Consoli


Compiled by Jack Consoli
Issue of 9-11-96
 Page 14           Bottom photo, Grant St. freight station:  caption refers to a PRR billboard at right, which was inadvertently cropped off.

Page 30           Lower right photo caption: #5898A is an E8A (EP22), not an E7A (EP20).   

Page 42           Upper left photo, Ft. Wayne station:  coal train is eastbound, not westbound; Upper right photo, note the roof of  "AY" Tower visible at the bottom center.

Page 44           Upper right photo, Island Avenue Tower: J1 is eastbound, not westbound.

Page 48           Bottom photo, Sewickley Station: view is of westbound passenger shelter.

Page 52           Upper left photo, Conway yard caption should read: "... Conway was known as...".

Page 61           Text paragraph four: add "...Carnegie, then known as Mansfield...".

Page 63           Upper left photo, "BI" Tower: note Ingram passenger station at far left.

Page 81           Text paragraph two should read: "...the 78-mile extension in 1868 caused a fivefold increase..."

Page 81           Bottom photo caption should read:  "The Allegheny Valley left the mainline just west of...";
                        " this view north at 27th St. ..."

Page 83           Upper photo New Kensington Station: view is northward, not southward.

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