The Pennsy in the 1960s
The Final Decade
June 20, 2008
The black & white photos used with Chris Baerís text were courtesy of the Hagley Museum & Library and are all publicity photos from the files of the Pennsy/Penn Central Post magazine, which were provided gratis. All of the photos from these in-house organs are available for review at the Hagley.
    Page 28      The center photo is at Princeton Jct., not Monmouth Jct., which did not have canopied  platforms.
    Page 52      The center photo was taken at Chestnut Hill, not Media. The trains will be returning
                       west to Philadelphia.
    Page 72       Top and bottom photos both trains are northbound not southbound.
    Page 73       The Keystone trains in the top and center photos are southbound enroute to
                        Washington, DC, where they will terminate, not northbound.
    Page 128      The train in the bottom photo is the Clevelander, not the Cleveland Limited, which
                         was a NYC train.
    Page 141      To clarify - the piece on the top of the Morrisville wreck derrick described as insulation,
                         was not for electrical insulation, as the catenary was de-energized and grounded during
                         wrecking operations, it was a piece of steel cowling to keep the boom apparatus from
                         getting tangled in the catenary structure.
    Page 142       The Harrisburg wreck derrick in the top photo is PRR 490712, not 490772.
    Page 144       The Cleveland wreck derrick in the top photo is PRR 490709, not 499709. Itís a class

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