The Pennsy in the 1950s

The Last Great Decade


 August 18, 2006

 Page 29                The top photo of the Nelly Bly is of the southbound train, not the northbound one.

 Page 60                Banks interlocking and block station. At the time the photo was taken (March 25, 1956) Banks was the division point between the Philadelphia and Middle Divisions, both in the Eastern Region. It wasn’t until March 1964 that it became the boundary of the Eastern Region, Harrisburg Division and Central Region, Allegheny Division as stated in the caption.

 Pages 83-84        Homer hump building.  Although the caption says it is the eastbound hump, it should say westbound hump, as the photo is taken out the east side of old “WJ,” then “Homer” tower looking east towards the westbound receiving yard. Valuation maps confirm track arrangement except with the open area on top of p.83, alongside I1sa #406, showing a track removed.  The eastbound hump would be the former “JS,” then “Juniata Scales.”

 Pages 88-89         Steam locomotive drivers are marked “E.M.SCRAP,” for those marked “E.M.S.,” one party remarked that this referred to “Erecting Machine Shop,” as they are directly behind the E&M shop, and do not mean “Eastern Region, Middle Division Scrap,” as stated.  This is questionable.  It’s peculiar that the PRR would mix scrap drivers with ones destined for the machine shop.  Our inclination was that “E.M.S.” was just an abbreviated version of “E.M.SCRAP.”

 Page 115, top     The caption on the top of the page lists “EP22 #5804A and #5835A…”  The second unit is actually # 5895A.

 Page 119               BF16z # 5785A is erroneously shown as a BP20.

 Page 120               The Q2 is #6194, not #6191.

 Pages 120, 122     The correct tender classes are 180F84, not 210F84.

 Page 126             The caption that states the AT&SF engines “get water at Crestline.”  Not true.  Those engines ran exclusively between Columbus and Sandusky, thus never were at Crestline.

 Page 128              The “engineman” is instead a “hostler.”    

 Page 108 & 109   The top photos of ES10 #9175 were taken on the Economy Secondary at Ambridge, Pa., not at Market Street in Pittsburgh.
Updated 10/2013 - Frank Napoleon who adds:  "I am very familiar with the location depicted in the photographs having grown up in Ambridge and crossing over these tracks almost
every day on my way to and from Junior and Senior High School."


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